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Map of the Philippines, 2017

44.5 x 39 inches

Philippine factory detritus, indigenous plant based dye on corrugated cardboard

When In Venice, 2015

22 x 24 inches

bamboo, paper, surf rack detritus, bleach and sunlight on board

The Surf's Flat, 2014

28 x 22 inches

Montauk detritus, bleach and sunlight on board

Stay Hot, 2015

22 x 28 inches

mixed media, bleach and sunlight on board

Cool, 2015

22 x 28 inches

eviscerated cooler and bleach on board

California Dreaming, 2015

28 x 36 inches

collage on paper

Riding Fast, 2015

3.5 x 4.5  feet

Venice detritus, car enamel, bleach and sunlight on board

Black Lives Matter, 2015

5.5 x 7.25 feet

beach, household and studio detritus on paper

Dogs In Space, 2015

5.5 x 7 feet

beach, personal and studio detritus, bleach on board

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